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Joseph "Joe" McInerney CHicago

Real Estate

About Joe

Joseph “Joe” McInerney lives in Chicago, Illinois, and operates Banner Capital, Banner Entertainment and Eddy Realty. Banner Capital, a global firm serving the needs of private investors, is Joe’s main business. He has had a number of business opportunities through this organization and has built many companies from the ground up. 


Though Banner Capital is his main business, he also found much success through his real estate business, Eddy Realty Group. Along with the business’s partners, Joe McInerney and his colleagues owned and developed a large number of real estate properties surrounding the Chicago area. A few of these properties included large industrial buildings, outdoor billboards, a dance facility and more. 


During his time managing Eddy Realty Group, he also acquired the Chicago franchise rights for Mr. Handyman, which was ranked one of the top franchises in the system. While Joseph eventually sold the company to management, he brokered numerous deals for the company, including Dilly Hills Farm in Gurnee, Illinois and campus housing in South Bend, Indiana.

Joseph Mcinerney Headshot

Joe McInerney, a Chicago local, is a Managing Real Estate Broker, and he possesses many of the traits a real estate agent must have. He is forward-thinking, dedicated to driving significant results and passionate. Even more related to real estate, Joe has a long history of founding companies, working them up to perform as a profitable business and then selling them to investors. 


For example, Joe McInerney founded Zipliner Adventures Parks, a 100-acre adventure park located in Wisconsin. This multifaceted park offered a variety of outdoor activities for adventure enthusiasts. Joe managed all aspects of this start-up even though he did not have prior experience in this niche. He acquired and developed the land, built the zipline course, hired management and staff, built the administrative infrastructure and created the marketing and advertising programs. After dedicating himself to turning this into a money-making property, he successfully sold it to a private investor. 


Joseph “Joe” McInerney of Chicago knows the ins and outs of various businesses and always meets challenges head-on. You can trust him to see the potential for a property, turn it into something scalable and then find passionate private investors who will take the company or property to new heights.


In addition to his career highlights, Joseph McInerney also holds dual citizenship between the United States and Ireland. He is passionate about Irish Ceili dancing, sports, Scrabble, and history. In all aspects of his life, he values being a trustworthy, fun, resourceful and hardworking person.


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