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An excellent way to learn about commercial real estate is to read books for commercial real estate professionals. The list below has some of the insightful books on real estate.


How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

By John L. Bowman


Bowman′s book helps to understand the fine points of commercial real estate by covering leasing, selling, and handling negotiations. The book provides a broad view of different commercial real estate types. The books also offer readers a solid understanding of contracts, lease structures, appraisal, zoning, etc.


Value Added: Successful Strategies for Listing & Selling Investment Real Estate

By Brad Umansky


This book contains more than 600 commercial real estate transaction references. Those who are serious about real estate brokerage will get insightful information regarding the processes. In addition, it helps to adopt an intentional, more informed approach to the work.


A Master Guide to Income Property Brokerage: Boost Your Income By Selling Commercial and Income Properties

By John M. Peckham III


Author John M. Peckham III offers step-by-step strategies to help readers generate income in the commercial real estate sector. The topics it covers include turning leads into listings that get sellers and pricing property to achieve a quick sale. It also teaches about creating operation statements that encourage sales.


Crushing It In Apartments And Commercial Real Estate: How A Small Investor Can Make It Big

By Brian Murray


This is an excellent beginner guide on how to start investing in commercial real estate. Murray gives actionable advice since he was an amateur in commercial real estate and invested in making an extra income. Readers learn how to find commercial properties, financing a deal, and gradually growing as a sole investor.


The Book On Rental Property Investing: How To Create Wealth And Passive Income Through Intelligent Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing!

By Brandon Turner


One of the most extensive resources, mainly for residential real estate investors, lies in Turner′s book. Readership finds practical action steps to start building passive income and cash flow. Turner takes readers through finding and analyzing deals, building a team to find more properties to buy and a tax strategy on protecting wealth.


Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leasing

By Martin I. Zankel


Zankel′s book is a reference guide to enable readers to comprehend and negotiate fairly on commercial real estate leases. The chapters contain information on negotiating points, different leases, and the core clauses in a lease agreement.


The books above provide real estate enthusiasts with valuable information about the industry.

Joe Mcinerney Chicago