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Technology has changed commercial real estate in these four ways.

Virtual tours

Real estate agents no longer need to show properties to potential tenants physically. This has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. With the use of high-quality video cameras, agents can give beautiful virtual tours. They can do this in real-time with each tenant and personalize the experience. They can also prerecord one virtual tour and publish it on a website. Anyone interested can then watch the video. This technology has benefited everyone involved. Tenants can view properties at home, while agents can efficiently interact with more people.

Website creation

Anyone can create a website nowadays. They do not need to have coding experience; they just need to create an account with a website builder. This has been a game-changer for commercial real estate. Sellers can quickly put together a professional website to entice buyers. They can change the colors and fonts on the website to make it feel luxurious. Most importantly, sellers can display contact information on the home page. Interested buyers will then know which phone number to call.

Inbound marketing

Cold calling has always been a difficult way to generate business. Real estate agents do not need to rely on this marketing strategy. Instead, they can launch paid advertisements on social media. Doing so will help agents expand their collection of inbound leads. In addition, experienced marketers can make their marketing campaigns profitable by tinkering with headlines and images. This means that marketing will no longer be an expense. It will be a money-making investment.


Technology has helped landlords create close relationships with their tenants. Back then, not everyone had a cellphone or fast internet service. Reaching someone on the phone may have been difficult. Now, there is no excuse. Landlords can quickly fix issues from anywhere. They do not need to be in town. For example, if there is something wrong with the radiator, the tenant can film a short video on their phone and send it to the landlord. The landlord can watch the video and call a plumber. The speediness will keep tenants happy.

Overall, technology has transformed the commercial real estate industry.


Joseph Joe Mcinerney Chicago (3)