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A real estate agent is a professional, well versed in the process of buying and selling houses, land, and buildings. The duties of a real estate agent range from showings to negotiating contracts. When selling your home, your first instinct would be hiring a real estate agent to take care of it for you. However, some homeowners looking to sell don’t always use a real estate agent to sell their homes. 

Whether or not to choose to hire a real estate agent can depend on many factors including how quickly you’d like the house to sell, the amount of time you can devote to the sale, and the sales price of your home. Here are the pros and cons of hiring a real estate agent:  

The Pros of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Time Saver

Hiring a real estate agent could save consumers time. An agent is trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate so valuable time won’t be tied up taking on the process without professional help. If you’re looking to sell your home as quickly as possible, hiring a real estate agent could be your best option. 


Negotiations in real estate can be tough, especially if you lack the experience to do so. A real estate agent will bring professional negotiation skills to the table and negotiate for their client. Negotiation without the proper skills and knowledge may not go as planned, which is why hiring a real estate agent could be worth it.

Market Knowledge

One of the main benefits of hiring a real estate agent is market knowledge. An agent knows the current market, trends, and the prices to expect because it’s their job to know. They can get almost any information needed for their clients to have a better understanding and a successful sale. 


Contracts can be confusing and overwhelming to a person who is not familiar with them. Agents have an extensive understanding of how contracts work and what they mean to the seller or buyer of the home. These contracts include terminology that an agent is knowledgeable in and has professional expertise. 

Multiple Listing Service

The multiple listing service is a tool that is used by several different agents to provide information about properties for sale. This tool is an advantage through agents only, and will increase exposure to sell or give more options to buy.

The Cons of Hiring a Real Estate Agent


An agent works with several clients at once, so it’s possible that one client won’t be their first priority. Calls may not be returned in a timely manner and the agent may not always be available.


Real estate agents work for commission. Selling a home with a real estate agent could cost a lot of money because clients are paying for the agent’s time and services. Those who are looking to save as much money as possible may need to consider not hiring an agent to sell their home. 

Scheduling Conflicts

Selling your home can be a complicated process and needs a lot of time devoted to it. However, it can be difficult to find that time to devote if you’re having scheduling conflicts with your agent. Client and agent scheduling might not always be the same. A client may need the agent when they are not available and vice versa. This can make the selling process even more difficult.


Truthfully, not all agents are good agents. The wrong agent could become a burden for those who are looking to sell or buy. Choosing the right real estate can make or break your home selling success. It’s important to find an agent that is going to do right by you and sell your home at the right price and in the time frame that you need it done.